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Demucking System from MobyDick to Clean Trucks and Tanks

Vehicles in construction sites and military vehicles always have wheels full of soil after operations. Meanwhile, these vehicles should always be ready to use whenever it is needed. Thus, it is necessary to clean those vehicles once the works or operations are completed. Unfortunately, it is not an easy job to clean the vehicles. Soils and other kinds of dirt are accumulated and have created certain layers that will be hard to wash. Moreover, the vehicles have large sizes, so it makes the process harder to complete. In this case, demucking system from MobyDick can bring the best solution to solve the problems and there will be no need to clean those vehicles manually.

Excellent Demucking System for Heavily Soiled Vehicles

The demucking system provided by MobyDick is very excellent to handle the job. It is not only to clean and wash the stains from the operation. The demucking system is designed to wash the wheels and lower parts of those heavy and big vehicles so the soils and other particles can be washed completely. Demucking systems from MobyDick have many designs depending on type of vehicles. It is because trucks and military tanks will have different models and each of them requires different treatment and washing method. That is why MobyDick provides some choices of models for demucking system and these can be chosen based on types of vehicles. Wheeled, railed, and tracked vehicles can be cleaned excellently with its demucking technology.

High Pressure Application to Clean the Soils

Different models of its demucking system can be found in its nozzles. The nozzles have important roles to spray the water and the nozzles are supported by certain patterns of movement. These can be designed and even customized depending on the situation and types of vehicles. Moreover, the demucking process utilizes high pressure and special design of nozzles to optimize power output of the water so it can remove the soils completely, even the soils and particles located in difficult area.