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Effective and Environmental-Friendly Wheel Washers

Every contractor and construction industries have concern regarding the cleanness of their vehicles. It is not just the matter of appearance, but it is also for the sake of maintenance and responsibility in maintaining the environment from the pollution of soils. That is why washing the wheels become important process before the trucks and other vehicles leaves the construction sites. When these are not cleaned properly, there can be dusts and soils that may make the road dirty, and it can use problems. In this case, wheel washer or radwaschanlagen is important technology to deal with the job. MobyDick is fully aware about it and provides good technology for it.

Effective and Efficient Wheel Washers

Wheel washers from MobyDick are excellent. The wheel washers are easy to install and assemble, and later it is easy to move since it is designed as kit that can be adjusted easily. In term of its effectiveness, it cleans the wheels and lower parts of trucks and other vehicles well. The water flow is manufactured to clean every corner of wheels so later there will be no soils attached to the wheels anymore. Moreover, its working mechanism utilizes the low-pressure water. Other wheel washing products use the high-level pressure. Both of them work well in cleaning the wheels, but low-pressure water is adjusted so it will focus on cleaning the wheels without spreading the water too much, so it is more efficient in term of water consumption.

Environmental-Friendly Wheel Washers

MobyDick also has concerns in term of environment. Its management of water output is one of its proofs. By adjusting the water power in the low pressure, water consumption will not be too much and less water will be wasted during the cleaning and washing process. Moreover, low-pressure water output requires lower energy to make the wheel washers and the pumps to operate. That is why it is not only good for the construction industries, but it is also good for environment. In addition, there is water recycling process in which water will be recycled and filtered so later it still can be used for next washing process.